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Electrician Carindale

Electrician Carindale –
The Multivolt Services Team!

As busy Carindale electricians, we know there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to booking in electrical work or repairs.
Every home or business is different, and this is why we excel with our customer service as we adapt to what is needed to suit YOU!

How we have built our electrical business – Multivolt Services 

We work all over Carindale, from CHC Christian Heritage College to Palm Lake Resort. We can do all Carindale electrical work if you live next to Pacific Golf Course or your workplace is at Westfield Carindale. We cover all of Carindale for all electrical work and electrical installations.

We keep our word

To build a good reputation, you must keep your promises when we say “yes”, we mean “yes”. We do not make excuses and change our terms or scope of work.

We honour our commitments.

If your appointment is at 10 am, we will endeavour to be there by 10 am. If we are running late, we will let you know. Unfortunately, we cannot change the situations that can cause us to be late, but we can control our communication with our clients.

Care and respect for your property

When we work at your home or workplace, we will ensure not to leave a mess. Nothing is more frustrating when you have to clean up after a tradie.

We take responsibility

Everyone makes mistakes, and this is true in personal and professional life. Showing integrity means admitting those mistakes and then rectifying what has happened.

We believe our commitment to honesty and integrity is one of the main reasons we are always busy with repeat customers. We are looking to grow our business further and would love to be your electrician in Carindale.

How much do Electricians Carindale charge?

Carindale Electricians often have set rates for specific tasks and work. Below are some examples of common projects to give you a rough idea of what you may be charged:

Installation of a PowerPoint

Carindale Electrician Multivolt Services charges $150 to install a new power outlet. This includes labour and material costs.

Installing a hard-wired smoke detector.

Multivolt Services the Carindale Electrician charges an average of $150 to install a smoke alarm, though this amount can be higher if access is complex and the job takes longer. In addition, new smoke alarm laws mean that smoke alarm installations keep us very busy.

LED lighting installation

We charge about $60 to $75 per point to install LED downlights, a popular retrofit option for replacing halogen bulbs. Read our LED lighting article.

Installing wiring and connections

We charge $450 – $850 for wiring and connecting appliances in a kitchen renovation.
Typically this is for five installed power outlets in a kitchen.

Installing a home automation system

We would charge between $20,000 and $100,000 to install a home automation system for a small three-bedroom home, while a larger home with complete control can cost between $50,000 and $100,000.
With Carindale homes’ style, you will need to budget for a more extensive system.

Get a feel for how much your project will cost by obtaining estimates from licensed electrician Carindale. This will give you an idea of current market prices.

* All costs and prices quoted are from when this article was written. Therefore, they are approximate, vary locally, and subject to market forces and should be used only as a guide. Identify the issues in the following list and the most appropriate solution.


When To Call Our Electricians in Carindale

1. Power Surge Protection

Power surges can be caused by lightning strikes, damaged power lines, faulty appliances and poor electrical wiring in the home. A surge lasts only a microsecond, but frequent surges can damage electrical components connected to your home and significantly shorten their life span. Get surge protection if you have expensive electrical appliances or run a home office. Brisbane weather means we have many electrical storms when surges typically happen.

2. Power fluctuations and dips

As with power surges, power dips and brownouts are often caused by faulty or low-quality mains-connected appliances that consume a lot of power when switched on.

3. Faulty light switches 

Dimmer switches that do not set the light correctly are often due to poor workmanship or substandard products. If you have just moved into a new Carindale home and find light switches that don’t seem to activate anything, this could be a sign that the switches have been replaced and the fittings removed, or there could be a fault with the socket, circuit or wiring. Contact an electrician in Carindale if you have faulty switches or lights problems.

When it comes to electricity in the home, your safety is paramount. Flickering lights, high bills and damaged appliances can be signs of electrical problems in your home’s circuitry. Want some electrical safety tips for your home in Carindale? Read our article on how to avoid electrical hazards.

4. Frequent power tripping

High-power appliances, such as microwaves and hair dryers, can trip circuit breakers, primarily if other devices draw power from the same source. A circuit breaker is designed to protect you and your home. If it trips, it’s a sign that it’s doing its job.

Look at what you were using when the breaker tripped. For example, if it’s a hairdryer, try using a low setting. Or limit the power consumption of a single circuit if you are using high-power appliances.

5. Circuit overloaded

One of the leading causes of frequent tripping of circuit breakers is circuit overloading. Most houses and flats, even newer ones, do not have enough sockets to power an entire home entertainment appliance, for example. If the circuit breaker in your home trips frequently, it could be due to an overload in the circuit. Prevent this by:

  • Remove devices, not in use (e.g., phone chargers draw current even when they are not plugged in).
  • Spread out your power needs. Don’t overload a single circuit.
  • Pay attention to how you connect appliances around the house: what is used and unnecessary. 

6. Lights that are too bright or too dim

If some lights in the house seem excessively bright while others are dim, there are two likely causes:

  • Mismatched bulbs with different wattages: check that all bulbs are identical.
  • Bad connection of the primary neutral: This will continue to cause problems for the house until it is repaired by a professional.

Recessed lights (such as downlights)come with safety devices that cut the power supply to the globe if it gets too hot. The wattage is either too high, or the ceiling insulation is too close to the bulb, causing excessive heat.

7. Electric sparks

An electric spark can look dangerous, but they are typically harmless; like a static discharge, it reminds us that electricity is dangerous if not used correctly.
Electric shocks usually occur when an appliance is switched on or off. The problem may be in the appliance or the wiring. You can test it by plugging in another appliance and see if the results are reproducible, but you only risk another electric shock. In most cases, it is best to speak to an electrician.

8. High electricity bills

You can reduce the cost of your electricity bill by doing the following:

  •  Identify electrical appliances that may be causing high power use
  •  Unplugging appliances and chargers when not in use.
  •  Repair damaged wiring or circuits.
  • Switching to LED light globes

9. Lightbulbs keep blowing out

There are several reasons why your bulbs blow too often:

  • The wattage is too high
  • Insulation is too close to the bulb
  • Poor wiring in the power supply circuit
  • Faulty wiring in the mains
  • The total wattage of a dimmer switch is too high.
  • If the light is flickering, there is probably a bad connection in the circuit.

Time To find a Local Carindale Electrician?

Use a local and trustworthy electrician to help diagnose all the electrical issues mentioned above. We work on long term customer relationships and services for our clients. If electrical problems persist in your home, you should call an electrician. Safety in the house is paramount, so leave no stone unturned. 
Contact your electrician Carindale to sort our your home’s electrical problems for your peace of mind and safety.

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