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MultiVolt Services is your dedicated partner for electrical asset management in Strata and Body Corporate properties. Our specialised approach goes beyond routine maintenance, focusing on optimising electrical system performance and longevity in shared spaces.

We prioritise risk assessment, energy efficiency and compliance to protect your investments. With advanced digital asset management tools, we track electrical infrastructure and maintenance histories meticulously, empowering informed decisions.

Choose MultiVolt to enhance electrical well-being, reduce operational costs and ensure sustainable, compliant systems. Elevate electrical asset management for Strata and Body Corporate properties with MultiVolt’s tailored solutions.

Capability statement

Download our Capability Statement to discover our expertise and commitment to delivering unparalleled service in the electrical industry.

Industries We Serve

MultiVolt Services is committed to providing comprehensive electrical solutions to a diverse range of Australian businesses. Our versatile expertise ensures that we cater to the unique needs and demands of various industries, enhancing safety, efficiency and productivity for our valued clients.

Assisted Living & Automation

Strata and Body Corporate

Civil Construction

Commercial Infrastructure

Insurance Repairs

Industrial Warehousing


Offices & Retail