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Commercial Electrician Brisbane

Choosing the right commercial electrician is essential.

When it comes to maintaining your company’s electrical and wiring, the right contractor will bring the proper knowledge and skills to repair and maintain your company’s electrical systems. So if you have a business or franchise and need an emergency repair or electrical maintenance, read on to make sure you get the right help and services.

What is electrical maintenance?

In the digital age, more and more businesses rely on high-quality electrical work, so regular maintenance by an electrician is necessary to keep them all equipment running and compliant. Regular testing and tagging is part of ongoing maintenance.

Electrical maintenance can include replacing light fittings, installing new data cabling, or repairing a malfunctioning or broken air conditioner. Anything that requires electricity can be serviced or repaired by a contractor. Commercial electrical work is a complex area of the electrical trade and can include installing or repairing commercial lighting, installing security systems, and much more.

Why is electrical maintenance so important?

The success and security of many businesses depend heavily on electricity.
Your business and customers will suffer when these break down or need to be repaired from audiovisual, office automation systems to smart lighting systems and energy-saving technologies. That’s why maintaining these complex systems is essential to avoid downtime or significant ongoing technical problems.

Dealing with electrical equipment can be a significant and sometimes dangerous task, as electrical problems, power outages and wiring systems pose a potential risk. Emergency repairs are occasionally necessary to ensure the safety of the workplace and the integrity of the building, such as after a storm. 
In addition, because electrical and power systems are, by their very nature, an integral part of your business, you need electrical maintenance to prevent potential injury or electrical hazards for staff and customers.

Why do you need a commercial electrician?

An electrical maintenance technician can identify potential problems and provide ongoing maintenance to ensure that all electrical systems in your business are working as they should. An electrician offers a range of services, including all electrical repairs, switchboard upgrades, installations, inspections, safety checks and preventive maintenance. 

Modern workplaces involve a certain level of difficulty in electrical maintenance and repair. With greater demands on consistent power supply and all work equipment that relies upon electricity.
Choosing a master electricians is a wise choice for electrical maintenance for your business, as they often have both the electrical engineering expertise and business management knowledge to provide the best service while keeping your business running smoothly and efficiently.
Multivolt Services are Master Electricians with years of experience in commercial and industrial electrical maintenance work. 

What to look for when choosing a contractor

There are many ways to find a commercial electrician and many considerations when choosing the right one. The first thing to consider is what you need an electrician for. 

  • Are you planning to renovate or redesign your office or storefront? 
  • Are you installing new computers and networks ?
  • Or is there an urgent repair that needs to be done immediately?

With a clear idea and planning, you can narrow your search to trusted electrical contractors in your area who have experience in commercial buildings and installations. You will then need to inform the contractor of the details of your project, timing and budget. Be realistic about this, as some jobs require more effort than others. 

Once you have found a potential contractor, you should ask yourself the following questions:

Are they credible?   
Are they competitively priced?    
What do their Google reviews say? -You can read our Google reviews here

The best commercial electricians are also the best maintenance professionals. Not only do they know how to perform electrical installations and repairs, but they can also ensure that your systems are adequately maintained. This expertise in electrical maintenance will ensure that your business has fewer problems and fewer costly repairs or repeated breakdowns that cost you money.

When Do You Need A Commercial Electrician?

Regular electrical maintenance is not only crucial for the safety and prevention of potential accidents; it can also improve the energy efficiency of your office and help you reduce your energy bills. A regular maintenance programme is probably the best approach, but it is also helpful to know the signs that your office needs professional electrical maintenance. Below, we have listed the top five signs that your office should contact an electrician for maintenance.

1. Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping.

A tripped circuit breaker is a common occurrence, but if it happens relatively frequently in your office, you should find out the cause or causes. While it is possible to reset the breaker every time it trips, this will not solve the root cause.
In most cases, the circuit breaker is tripped by a short circuit or an overload in the circuit. A licensed and experienced electrician can carefully inspect the wiring and connections in question to determine the cause of the problem and correct it to minimise disruption to your office.

Overloaded circuits can be more complex, and an experienced electrician has the proper equipment to check for overloads and determine the source of the overload. The electrician can also install earth wires on outlets and appliances. This helps minimise the risk of serious injury in a short circuit, protects against electrical overload and stabilises voltage levels.

2 Flickering Lights

Flickering office lighting may seem like a minor problem, but it becomes a significant annoyance and source of distraction for your office staff when it occurs regularly. In addition, constant light flickering can cause headaches, vision problems and reduced morale and energy. It could also increase your electricity costs.

A licensed electrician can determine the cause of the problem. For example, is it a problem with the bulb itself or something more serious such as an overloaded circuit? In the latter case, too many appliances and devices connected to the same line can cause a power shortage. Or your circuits may be outdated and no longer meet the latest standards.
If the flickering lights affect more than one room or circuit, there will likely be a more severe problem in your office. For example, it could be a problem with cable connections or another power supply. In this case, it is even more important to consult a licensed electrician immediately for maintenance.
We offer LED lighting solutions that will help not only save power but improve the illumination in your work areas.

3. Hot Power points or Outlets

Are the power outlets in your office hot? If so, you are probably due for a maintenance visit from your electrician. Sockets that are hot after unplugging an appliance, or even when nothing is plugged in, sign that there may be a problem. The electrician should also check worn, broken, cracked or damaged plugs and replace them if necessary.
In general, avoid connecting too many appliances to the same circuit. However, it is not easy to know which sockets are connected to the same circuit without asking the electrician. In older homes, you may have an outdated circuit breaker that has been replaced by a high amperage circuit breaker, which may result in a higher amperage than the circuit is designed for. In this case, this could be due to ncorrect wiring, and your electrician can fix it.

4. Sparking when plugging/unplugging appliances.

Sparking when plugging and unplugging appliances is another possible sign that you should hire an experienced electrician to check your office outlets.
A brief spark caused by a quick draw on available power and this is a common occurrence even though it does look dangerous.

In other cases, however, sparks can signify a dangerous problem. For example, sparks could be caused by excessive heat build-up in sockets. This could lead to other issues, such as melting the insulation on the wires, which could cause an electrical fire.

Or sparks could be caused by exposure to water, which could cause a short circuit in the circuit. The age of the plug can be another problem: an old, worn plug with loose connections increases the risk of electrical short circuits and fires. Older appliance wiring and poor repairs may be other possible causes.
Any discoloration of a power point or the smell of smoke is time to call in an electrician!

5. You are in an older building

Older buildings may require regular and more frequent maintenance, inspection and evaluation. If your office is in an older building, your electrical wiring could be decades more senior than a new, modern office building. The insulation surrounding the wiring may also be much older and therefore at greater risk of wear and tear.

Therefore, it is advisable to have the wiring checked at regular intervals by a reputable and experienced electrician. The electrician can examine older wiring and insulation, replace it if necessary and take measures such as installing a safety switch for added safety. In addition, he can perform appropriate tests to verify that the wiring in your older building can safely support the load you are connecting.

Without a regular electrical maintenance programme, your business could incur the unnecessary time and costs for outages, repairs and wasted energy, especially if you are in an older building. There is also an increased risk of injury or even death to your employees.

Electrical maintenance increases safety and reduces costs.

Choosing the right electrical contractor for you

Choosing the right electrical maintenance contractor is vital to your business or franchise’s long-term reliability and efficiency. Electricians are needed to carry out essential electrical maintenance, installations and repairs, so careful consideration must be given to choosing the right one. 
If you want your business to run optimally, consider booking in a call with the team at Multivolt Services?
We are always on call for emergency commercial electrical work or faults.

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